Summary Fascination “Movement“

Prof. Dr. Axel Armbrecht, Eutin

Summary Fascination “Movement“

It is always worthwhile supporting children in enhancing their physical fitness, as this also has a decisive effect on the overall mental development of the young person. Concentration and cognitive capacity – the very basis for learning – can be best trained and improved for children thorough games and play. Even concrete learning difficulties can be tackled more easily with the support of a sport programme.

Regular movement appropriate for the child’s age can alleviate and even overcome many of the major challenges facing parents and educators today. Aggression and propensity to violence are a sign of accumulated energy, which can be released only through physical activity.

For this reason, parents are advised to organise in addition to the weekly highlights in toddler group or the sport club a 30-minute “movement unit” as a basis for the joint family activity. Because, however, there are various factors vital for the most optimum physical development depending on the child’s age, we have divided these movement units, the so-called Movies, into Flexi Movies (= flexibility), Power Movies (= strength), Go-on Movies (= endurance) and in KoQuick Movies (= coordination and speed). We recommend as basic programme that one movie of each type be carried out four times (= four minutes) each day. Just 20 to 30 minutes “family training” daily and parents will soon notice that not only their children are getting stronger and happier. Parents will also benefit greatly from the exercises. Although the same exercises should of course not be undertaken every day, a certain repetitive pattern is advisable; training after all means in practise nothing more than “repetition”.